In the next few lines I’ll shortly try to explain what we are aiming for when the children are with us.

The early kids’ age from 1 to 3 years old – is extremely important for speech, emotional development and movement. All these processes develop at fastest rate when the kid enters a proper group environment. On the other side being in such a place is related to an intense process of adapting as a result of that the children are minimizing the connection with the parents – barely physically and they change the more liberate home regime with more regulated one no matter what the educating system is. The kids meet a different atmosphere with children and adults and where they have to establish a new behavior and relations.

Depending on the individuality of the child the process of adaptation could last from a few days to a couple of months. All of these determine increased sensibility and vulnerability of the kids as well as increasing risk of illnesses occurring.


So namely this fine and complex children’s mentality determines the guidelines of our work:

Decreasing the occurrence of diseases through daily applied health filter upon admittance of the children

Meeting an emotionally stable environment connected with tenderness and understanding as well as lots of positive happenings and feelings

Improving the right physical and mental development thanks to a suitable nutritive and mobility regime


Our goal is at the time the kids leave us to be emotionally stable and mentally ready for the new more serious future requirements for them


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