Monthly tax with full pension food, education and cares – 560 BGN


Monthly tax for half a day with food, education and cares – 420 BGN


Tax for half a day with food, education and cares – 25 BGN


Tax for a day with food, education and cares – 35 BGN per hall day


Tax for hourly taking cares without food – 7 BGN/ hour

At paying a tax for 3 months you get 7 % discount, for 6 months – 10 % discount.

In case 2 kids from one family attending our kindergarten – you get 10% discount from the monthly tax

The minimum attendance fee for a child in the nursery is BGN 150. It is paid in full absence of a visit in the month, and when the visits are 3 and less than 3 days, this discount is valid only for 1 month absence.

For second and more than two months absence is paid a subscription fee of 400 BGN for a full day visit and 280 BGN for a half day visit.

In the event of a parent's delay after the end of working hours, a fee of BGN 20 per hour is charged. For each day of absence is deducted from the fee for the month of 5 BGN.

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